Managed Services

Managed Services is a term that basically describes outsourcing responsibility for a particular service or operation for a set fee over a set period. The concept its self has very broad and varied applications. Many businesses may actually have a Managed Service without knowing the correct term.

For example printers and photocopiers are often sold under arrangements that are very similar to a lease but the concept differs from a lease in that the ongoing consumables, servicing and support are included in the package. At the end of the arrangement the vendor simply replaces the item with the newer model and a fresh arrangement is entered into.

The benefit to the customer from a budgetary point of view is in paying one fixed price with no surprises. The concept also makes very good sense from a management point of view because when utilized properly the customer is released from dealing with minor issues when they arise. Support is usually just a phone call away and with the latest remote delivery technologies available, support can often be delivered much faster. Management is able to advise staff to call the supplier directly for assistance without the use of internal approval procedures. This saves valuable human resource, time and energy.

iAssist 159x159xsave-time.png.pagespeed.ic.FZBIHPHtaZManaged Services cover the ICT environment providing the customer with the cost benefits of outsourcing, access to a team of diversely skilled individuals and the satisfaction of knowing that the Business Technology is being managed professionally and proactively.

iAssist Managed Services are again distinct from most other ICT Managed Services because they are not focused on the traditional levels of priority that often focus on servers and networks while leaving staff waiting for assistance. Our understanding of business is that productivity in most businesses is linked to people who have both the skills and the tools to do the job and where those tools are not working correctly assistance needs to be immediately available and highly competent. iAssist also has an excellent  range of clearly defined Managed Services Products that are all great value for money and are designed to suit most small to medium businesses.

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