iAssist Account Keeping Services COVID-19 Update

iAssist Notice

In the interests of personal and business safety for all of us during this crisis unless it is absolutely critical for us to be onsite we will be completing your work remotely.  Despite these challenging times, we are committed to continuing to assist you and will be available to complete your work as normal or assist you anyway we can.

Your Wellbeing

Firstly, please take care of yourself, many people will be feeling the effects of this uncertain time.  If you are having trouble coping with this, please seek help before it becomes too big to deal with. If you need extra support for sustaining your wellbeing through this time, check the ATO Health and Wellbeing webpage for a list of organisations offering free support for business owners.

Who can help?

Your tax agent and/or financial advisor will be vital resources during this time. Please talk to us or them earlier rather than later for advice about upcoming financial obligations.  Remember we are all stretched at this time, so please be patient, but please know that you and your business are very important to us.

Lets help you get the stimulus.

We are receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding the various components of the stimulus packages for Businesses.  iAssist are members of the 3 bookkeeping industry bodies and are keeping apprised of all of the aspects of the packages as it becomes available.  Over the next week or so, I will be contacting our clients by phone to see how we can best support you and what aspects of the stimulus may apply to your business.  In the meantime, please feel free to email or phone me if you want to discuss your specific circumstance or if you just need to chat.  This is a difficult time for all of us and we are more than happy to be available.

March BAS

For those businesses that we complete bookkeeping and/or BAS, please be aware that in order to receive many of the components of the stimulus package, your lodgements must be on time.  So please be as diligent as ever to get the information completed or to our bookkeepers so that we can ensure on time lodgement.  If we complete your Quarterly BAS’s, you will already have a time booked.  If you have your data recorded and bank accounts reconciled prior to your scheduled date, please let us know as we may be able to schedule your works earlier.  Please note – even if you are unable to pay the March BAS, we will need to lodge the BAS by the due date.   Although assistance is available now to help keep businesses operating, at this stage we are acting on the assumption that ATO debts can be deferred but not waived, therefore there will come a time when the debts will be due. We will keep you updated if there any changes to the ATO information.

More Information.

Essential Links for Employers and Business Owners

There is a great deal of information being published, and we encourage you to stay updated with the official websites.

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with such as cash flow planning, financial reporting, budgeting or general information.