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What’s included in the free version of Teams

Get unlimited chat, video calling, file sharing, storage, and more—for as long as you want.

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  • [noalt] Up to 500K users
    Communicate and collaborate with teams large and small.
  • [noalt] Screen sharing
    Choose what you show in a chat or meeting: your desktop, a specific app, a presentation, or a file.
  • [noalt] Background blur
    Eliminate distractions and ensure meetings run smoothly with background blur.
  • [noalt] Guest access
    Grant people outside your organization access to existing teams and channels in Teams.
  • [noalt] Co-authoring
    Access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.
  • [noalt] File sharing
    Share files with colleagues and work on them together.
  • [noalt] More than 250 integrated apps and services
    Bring the apps and services you love into Teams to create your organization’s hub for teamwork.
  • [noalt] Security and compliance
    Help keep information secure with Microsoft Teams data encryption at rest and in transit.