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Digital Marketing Services

Tailored Digital Marketing and Design Solutions

Creating brands, websites, marketing plans and web applications for a variety of industries

Whether it’s just a quick fix, a total makeover, or starting from scratch- at iAssist, we can supply the perfect package for your requirements.

Our talented in-house team loves putting design, content and marketing strategy together to help your business rise to the top of the list.

Our Services Include:

Content Writing / Copy-writing and Editing

We edit and create content for web pages, promotional video scripts, official promotional documents (such as capability statements), newsletters and social media posts.

Logo Design, Banner Design, Original Artwork Creation and Brand Character Creation

We have a wonderful artist on our team who creates beautiful designs for your brand and promotional campaigns. We also create detailed brand books and style sheets for each project.

Website Development, Landing Page Development, Social Media Profile Creation, Google + Profiles, Google Maps Profiles, Presence Research and More

We specialize in enhancing our clients online presence.

Google Ad words Campaigns, Facebook Ad Campaigns, SEO Services, Marketing Research, Target Audience Research and More

We know how to find your audience- and how to speak their language. We pride ourselves on helping our clients find the solutions that suit their goals and their budget in a truly cost effective way, showing real results.

You may need all of the above- or just a few little pieces of the puzzle. Schedule a free consultation today and see what solutions will help you reach your goals.


Your words are valuable. You content is your key to good marketing. Transforming your words into content and clicks is our specialty.

The brand design is the next vital step. A unique style language, brand colors and logo are the heart of your online presence. We work with you to create a design language you love- either from a brand you already have, or from scratch.

Where are you located online? Can your audience find you? Let’s make it easy for them. By creating a robust online presence, interconnected and properly organised, you can be quickly located by your potential customers.

Now, let’s send a clear message to your potential customers: WE ARE HERE! This can be done either on free platforms (social media) or for a cost (Google Ad-words), and we can help you find the right combo for your budget.