iAssist - Registered Bas Agent

Registered BAS Agents are able to handle all of the bookkeeping responsibilities while having one main point of differentiation. BAS agents require proper schooling and qualifications in order to use that title. Also, the title of BAS agent is protected. There are guidelines and rules that registered BAS agents need to be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.

What is a BAS Agent?

While anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper or an accountant, not everyone can call themselves a registered BAS agent. Bookkeepers handle a few tasks while BAS agents are able to carry a heavier load. BAS agents provide much more clout when it comes to the ATO than bookkeepers do. Bookkeepers are employed to look after the books. They’re also able to do many things related to business finances. Registered BAS agents, however, are able to represent, advise, or assist their clients with certain matters – things bookkeepers are not allowed to do. These include GST, wine taxes, fuel taxes, luxury car taxes, FBT payments, all aspects of payroll relating to withholding tax amounts and reporting those amounts to the Tax office, any other PAYG withholding amounts, and all aspects of income tax payments via PAYG instalments. 

If your business requires representation to the Tax office on these matters, a BAS agent is required.