iAssist TV antenna Repair

We fix TV reception problems fast.

We specialise in TV Antenna Repair. Digital television has improved our home television viewing experience considerably.

TV Reception Problems Fixed From $149

iAssist have over 10 years experience in working with digital TV systems and have 3 licensed technicians. Furthermore, we only use Digital Ready approved testing equipment, and as a result we can diagnose and fix any TV related problems very fast.

Why do I need a technician to fix my TV service?

The way that TV reception works has changed since the digital ready rollout. Previously we used analogue signals to transmit TV. Jumping up on the roof and simply moving the antenna from left to right would produce results. But now that we are using Digital signals it is not that easy. 

A digital signal transmits data, and data is either on or off. Moving an antenna will either receive a signal or not. you will not see it improve or get worse as you move it. Further more, a signal can be both too low or too high.

To adjust a antenna, install a booster or a attenuator or simply adjust a booster or antenna you need a digital TV reception meter.  A meter that does this correctly is many thousands of dollars and not something that you purchased from the hardware or on ebay.