What Our Clients Say!

Your support has been invaluable to me and Theodore Medical and I, so a sincere thank you from me to iAssist. Tammy has been patient and so very skilled in her work, making my life less stressful.
Medical Center
Anne Chater
Theodore Medical
I remember when I started coming to iAssist, I was very nervous about sharing my very private information and then perhaps being criticized.. It took me a while to move to the next stage of handing over information with confidence and openness. So here we are today 12 years on, still working together and sharing all our financial and technical information with a growing B2B relationship, commitment, trust and respect. Thank you for your quality of work, excellent service and dedication from the Biphasic Training Family to the iAssist Family.
Biphasic Testimonial
Beryl Conroy
Biphasic Training