WIFL booster

We understand wireless technology!

The best way we can explain what we can do for you is tell you about some of the projects that we have completed.

Wifi through Steel

Gracemere Saleyards

The Gracemere saleyards use tablet computers to manage the cattle sales in the steel yards. The challenge is that wireless technology has difficulty passing through a steel cage.

Our networking team performed a site audit and formulated a mesh solution to overcome the Faradays effect caused by the steel yards.

We installed a series of Cambium devices and configured them to provide wireless internet over the entire site.

Wowan Dululu Multipurpose Centre

The WDMPC is locate in a Internet black spot. The center uses cloud technologies to perform day to day functions.

The center was connect via a ADSL connection that was not performing to a level that would support their needs.

To make the problem worse the build is constructed with a steel frame creating a faradays cage.

iAssist attended on-site and formulated a solution using a 4g receiver on either Optus or Telstra. The receiver was installed elevated to 8 meters. Neither Telstra nor Optus show service in the area. However the service delivers 60+ mbps of download service.

A wireless mesh was installed inside the building to overcome the cage and a point to point was installed to give shared internet to the local community center. 

Remote Wireless